About Us

The relaxing massage shop established in the Minneapolis about ten years ago. After a decade, it has developed into multiple shop and spread in the different area of Minnesota such as ….. and has built up an enviable reputation  around the area. The creator of the relaxing massage, Mr Sun, has learned the tradition Massage therapy in China. Andy Chen is his friend and lives in American. One time, he sprained his waist, suffered from the chronic pain of muscle, and did not recovered after a long time. He can not find a professional Massage shop in his community. So Andy invited his friend Mr Sun to travel around American and give him Massage therapy at the same time. After several remedy,the effect was obvious and  Andy can walk around by himself.

In order to offer local people the high quality Massage service and relieve the physical stress, Mr Sun further studied the Massage course that is suited for the American physical situation and opened his the first Massage shop, the Relaxing Massage. The service they offered get widely accepted and highly praised. Relaxing Massage not only provide the professional service, but also want to make the price affordable. Majority of the massage service prices at one dollar per minute.